How To Make Glazed Donuts Recipe

Do you want to know how to make the finest homemade donuts with glaze? Because I’m going to teach you.


Today we’re making donuts. It’s a favorite of everyone. They go away so quickly and that’s because they melt your mouth with deliciousness and are much easier than you imagine. Let’s start. If you haven’t completed it, you should.

In a large mixing bowl mix 1 cup of flour, one quarter cup of sugar and a quarter teaspoon of salt and one packet of yeast. We’re using Instant Yeast or QuickRise.

Sometimes, it’s known as RapidRise Yeast. It’s best to use one packet that weighs about 7 grams or two quarter teaspoon. Mix it all together. Then we’ll add the cooled and scalded milk. Scalding the milk is easy and fast process however, we’ll end up with the most fluffy donuts. I generally do this in the beginning so that it can cool while I’m preparing all the rest of my ingredients. Add 2/3 cup of milk to the sauce pan of a small size and place it over medium-low temperatures. Mix it continuously to prevent any film from developing and to ensure that it does not simmer. When it is at 180 degrees Fahrenheit , or you can see it begin to steam, remove it off the stove and place it in an measuring cup to cool quicker.

The milk should remain warm but not hot. You should ensure that it isn’t hotter than 115°F. Otherwise, you’ll destroy or kill your yeast. You can also add a quarter cup of olive oil, 2 eggs yolks as well as half a teaspoon vanilla extract. This is our own homemade vanilla extract using only two ingredients. I’ll include the recipe’s link inside the recipe notes. Whisk everything together until it’s all combined Then cover it with plastic wrap and allow it to rest on the counter at room temp for approximately 10-minutes or so until some bubbles appear at the top. This is the method I use to test the yeast to ensure it’s still alive. Be aware that when your room temperature is low, it could take longer to observe the bubbles begin to develop.

Okay, we can see the little bubbles rising up towards on the top of our batter. This means that our yeast is functioning. Add the remaining 1 1/2 cups of flour. Add only enough to ensure that the dough has a firm hold and doesn’t stick on the edges of the bowl. If you’re measuring flour for baking It is crucial to measure accurately. If you’re adding too many grains of flour the dough will become dry and dense and your donuts won’t rise up properly. When the dough is a good mix make sure to knead it manually within the bowl around five minutes.

The dough shouldn’t stick on the edges of the bowl. If it to be extremely sticky to the surface, dust it lightly with flour and continue making dough with clean hands. Kneading takes a amount of effort, but it’s also akin to adult PlayDoh and is a good way to relax. Once you’re done, you’ll be left with a soft smooth, and somewhat sticky dough. The bowl should be covered with plastic wrap to ensure that the dough doesn’t dry out and let it rest in a warm place that isn’t hotter than 110°F for around 15 minutes until it has increased in size. If your oven becomes too hot to proof this method, we’ve got a microwave solution.

A damp kitchen towel inside the microwave for just one minute. This will create the perfect steamy warm environment that is ideal to proof dough. Put your bowl in the microwave, then close the door, and let it sit for 4JUdGzvrMFDWrUUwY3toJATSeNwjn54LkCnKBPRzDuhzi5vSepHfUckJNxRL2gjkNrSqtCoRUrEDAgRwsQvVCjZbRyFTLRNyDmT1a1boZVit in a room temperature for one and half to two hours to allow it to grow by a third. Place the dough on an even surface that’s lightly sprayed with flour. With a rolling pin slowly roll out the dough into a flat, large disc. This is my absolute preferred roller for any my baking endeavors I’ll provide a link to it on the list of notes.

It’s easy to see that this rolling pin has a tapered design with a larger portion at the center. Therefore, when you place your hands along one of the sides of the pin, it will create even pressure on each surface. The dough should be rolled until it’s around one-fourth to one third of an inch thick. Cut the doughnuts out using the doughnut press, and keep them as close as you can in order to cut as many donuts as you are able to. I’ll share the doughnut cutter I own, however If you don’t have one, you may use round biscuit cutters cut out your doughnuts. It is recommended to get 11-12 donuts and donut holes, depending on how thick you roll out the dough.

After all your donut holes and donuts are removed and cooled, place them on the baking sheet lined with parchment. I prefer cutting out any extra donut holes make from the scraps left. You can also stack scraps and then reroll the donuts to make another. Donuts made from scraps will always look odd and sloppy however it’s sure to taste delicious. This last dough piece can also be fun to give children to play with when they’re helping out with the cooking. My daughter likes to roll the dough out and cut her own shapes. Cover the donuts with an old tea towel and allow them to hang in a warm location for 20 minutes and at room temperatures for about 45 minutes or until you can see that the donuts are clearly puffy.

I warmed up my oven for approximately 5 minutes, at the lowest temperatures and then shut it down. I’m also placing wood spoons inside the door to ensure that the oven doesn’t get hot. It’s not a good idea to exceed 110°F or else you could destroy the yeast and deactivate it which is why you don’t want to ruining your donuts at the close. While the donuts proof in the oven, we’ll set up our fryers. It is possible to utilize a large-sized vessel or Dutch Oven equipped with an attached thermometer for the pot. The clip-on thermometer is the most reliable and most popular. You can also use it to make an oven thermometer. I’ll provide a link to it within the note.

If you own an oven that is deep-fried You can also make use of the. That’s exactly what we’ll do. This will make it easier since you don’t need to monitor temperature on a regular basis. The deep fryer regulates the temperature by itself. We’ll set the oil to heat up to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. I also have baking sheets covered with a cookie rack that’s the place I put my donuts when they’ve been glaze-dipped. Also, I like using chopsticks to dip donuts into glaze. We’ll go ahead and make this super easy glaze now. I learned this recipe for glaze from my friend, Sherry, thank you Sherry for sharing this recipe with me.

The only thing you’ll need is one four cups or one pound confectioner’s sugar, or powdered sugar along with 5 to 6 tablespoons water, and one tablespoon vanilla extract. Mix it all together until smooth and will have a slight drip-like consistency. I typically begin with five tablespoons of water, and then will add another if necessary. This is a quick and delicious glaze to use for your donuts. When you’ve got it completely smooth, we’ll set it on top of our frying station. After about 20 minutes, and we’ll look at the donuts. Donuts appear like they’re fluffy and puffy and now it’s time to fry. Set up your fryer according to the order in which you’re expected to be working in.

Then we’ll have donuts first, then the fryer, followed by glazing, then then the rack on which the donuts will rest. When the oil is heated to 375°F We’ll add around three to two donuts at a go and make sure that you don’t overload the pan. Bake them for approximately 60 seconds each side, to ensure they’re golden every side. You’ll only need to flip them once. I have found that using chopsticks to flip donuts makes it easy to flip without breaking the donuts. Once the donut is dark brown both sides of the donut, put it to the glaze. Donuts are rolled out and then turned it over in the glaze, making sure that it’s completely coated both sides.

Once the donut is coated completely Once it’s completely coated, you can lift the donut and let the glaze drip in the bowl then move it onto the rack of wire. This process can be done in a short time. When you’ve finished decorating one donut, you’ll be ready to go on to the next. Another reason is that I prefer to fry only two at a go so that I can keep on top of my donuts and ensure they’re not overcooked. As you can see, this is our leftover donut that’s a bit wavy. This one, however, is what I call my top choice, because it’s massive. After all the donuts have been cooked and fried, I’ll sprinkle to the holes of donuts in couple of batches. If the donut holes won’t turn naturally, you can flip them after about 60 seconds , and cook them until they’re all golden.

Donut holes should take shorter time than the complete donuts. You can dip whole batches of donut holes in the glaze at once and then turn them over to coat them, and then take them out using the help of a spoon. Set the donut holes coated with glaze in the rack and rest in the same manner. Once the glaze is set on the exterior of the donuts which happens quickly it’s time to serve them. I’m very thrilled. I’ve been craving donuts for hours. They’re relatively easy to prepare. They require very there’s not much time involved is required, and you could make donuts in three hours. They’re simple to make, and simple. You can make them once and create them again and again since everyone will request these, don’t you think? Yes, I can not sit and wait for the tasting test anymore.

I’m ready to plunge right into. Let’s choose one that is super puffy and super glossy. Every single one of them. Let’s go This one looks great. When that glaze has set and you’re ready to eat. Even if they’re slightly warm, you’d like to keep them a warmer, because that’s when they’re the freshest, best homemade donuts. There’s not like anything else. So, let’s go and let’s not talk. Oh. Mmhmm, wow. I love the way you can taste the vanilla flavor in the glaze. They’re also so light and soft. They’re like a cloud. And they completely melt into your mouth. They are gone in a flash. If you are not in control, try this recipe because they’re extremely good.

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